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At Scooter’s Lawn Care, our mission is simple: to give our customers back their time so they can enjoy their life – and their lawn. Our weekly lawn care service includes professional mowing, blade edging, trimming, and blowing off all hard surfaces. Our team follows a routed lawn care schedule, so you’ll always know when to expect us – and your gorgeous, fresh cut grass will let you know when service is complete.

What Makes Us Stand Out In Springfield IL Lawn Care?

We provide outstanding service to all of our customers. From your very first phone call to the last service of the season, we know you’ll love our incredible staff. You’ll see the same faces week-after-week, and you’ll speak to the same friendly voices when you call our office. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we know you’ll value the trust and reliability our team offers.

We understand that life is busy, so we’ve made billing simple. Our automatic weekly payments take the guesswork out of your lawn care experience, so you have more time to enjoy yourself. This convenience alone drastically improves service for all of our Springfield IL lawn care customers.

Since opening in 2014, we have perfected our Five Round Fertilization + Weed Control Program. This highly effective program spans from early spring to late fall and is guaranteed to improve the health of your lawn. We have a trained team of technicians who all hold valid chemical application licenses from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Their knowledge, expertise, and efficient professional equipment will turn your lawn into your paradise.

Our Five Round Program

Our service begins in very early spring with pre-emergent and weed control applications. The second spring round consists of pre-emergent and weed control applications and a blended slow-release fertilizer. In the summer, we apply a light fertilizer, grub control treatment, and scout for grassy weeds. Our first fall round consists of another blended slow-release fertilizer to help your lawn recover from the heat of summer. The final fall round consists of a winterizer fertilizer guaranteed to improve root growth and create an early spring green.

During the hot summer months, we offer fungicide treatments every twenty days when fungal pressure is at its highest.

Scooter's Lawn Care | springfield il lawn care
lawn care springfield il

We highly recommend core aeration and over-seeding to all of our lawn care and treatment customers. Aeration is the act of poking holes in the soil and removing the cores to reduce thatch, help reduce soil compaction, and improve grass root growth. This is especially important for lawns with heavy foot traffic (like homes with pets or children), but every lawn relies on seasonal core aeration to reach its optimal health. Aeration is recommended in the fall in conjunction with over-seeding.

Get A Thicker, Healthier Lawn

Fall over-seeding is a proactive way to continually improve your lawn’s health each year. When paired with our Fertilization + Weed Control Program and Core Aeration, you will be guaranteed to have the healthiest (and most gorgeous) lawn on the block.

The principle behind over-seeding is simple: as grass matures, it tends to thin. The risk of thinning can increase with excessive stress (like heavy foot traffic) or seasonal abnormalities, so over-seeding is recommended annually in the fall.

While both aeration and over-seeding may not be part of your regular routine as a homeowner, it is a necessary service for every lawn care professional. Our top priority is giving you the healthiest lawn possible. {  Springfield IL Lawn Care  } 

Keeping the health of your lawn at the forefront of all we do, we highly recommend a Spring Clean Up each year. We perform them as early as February and continue into mid- to late-spring. This service is comprehensive and based on your property’s needs. We do everything we can to prepare your property for the season ahead.  Springfield IL Lawn Care

What Is A Spring Clean Up?

Our spring clean ups can be as comprehensive as you’d like. Generally speaking, our service consists of clearing your lawn and landscape beds of all leaves, branches, and debris that may have accumulated over the winter. We’ll haul away and compost your debris off-site. If your property is ready for a mow, we can include that as well. This usually helps to mulch any remaining leaves and break them back down into the soil.

For customers with hedges and landscapes, we’re more than happy to include trimming and bed maintenance during our service. It’s a great opportunity to re-define landscape beds and borders, blade edge around sidewalks and driveways, and re-create the clean, polished look your property may have lost over the winter.

lawn care springfield il
lawn care springfield il

For children (and many pets), fall is a time to play in leaf piles. For adults, the falling leaves are a dreaded reminder of a time-consuming seasonal chore. We invite you to skip the tedious raking and bagging this year, and let us do the work.

The Importance Of Removing Leaves

You may be tempted to let your leaves pile up in the fall and just mow over them in the spring. On some properties with very little debris, this could be an option, but we don’t usually recommend it. It’s important to remove all leaves in the fall to avoid damaging the health of your lawn. Leaves and debris that accumulate during the cold winter months can suffocate your soil, harbor moisture, and spread disease that could destroy your lawn’s root system. It can take multiple seasons (and a lot of time, effort, and money) to repair the damage.

The clean up crew at Scooter’s Lawn Care is professional and efficient. We quickly remove all of your leaves and debris and haul it off-site. No more raking and bagging – we’ve got it covered for you! Springfield IL Lawn Care