We highly recommend core aeration and over-seeding to all of our lawn care and treatment customers – or to anyone who wants a thicker, healthier lawn.

Aeration is the act of poking holes in the soil and removing the cores to reduce thatch, help reduce soil compaction, and improve grass root growth. This is especially important for lawns with heavy foot traffic (like homes with pets or children), but every lawn relies on seasonal core aeration to reach its optimal health.

Aeration is recommended in the fall in conjunction with over-seeding.

Fall over-seeding is a proactive way to continually improve your lawn’s health each year.

When paired with our 6 Round Fertilization + Weed Control Program and core aeration, you will be guaranteed to have the healthiest (and most gorgeous) lawn on the block.

The principle behind over-seeding is simple: as grass matures, it tends to thin. The risk of thinning can increase with excessive stress (like heavy foot traffic) or seasonal abnormalities, so over-seeding is recommended annually in the fall.


While both aeration and over-seeding may not be part of your regular routine as a homeowner, it is a necessary service for every lawn care professional.

Our top priority is giving you the healthiest lawn possible.

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