We have perfected our six round fertilization and weed control program. This highly effective program spans from early spring to late fall and is guaranteed to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

Our trained team of technicians hold valid chemical application licenses from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Their knowledge, expertise, and efficient professional equipment will turn your lawn into your paradise (and the neighbors’ envy).

Our Program

Our service begins in early spring with pre-emergent, weed control, and blended slow-release fertilization applications.

In the heat of the summer, we apply a light fertilizer, grub control treatment, and scout for grassy weeds.

(We offer fungicide treatments every twenty days when fungal pressure is at its highest.)

To prepare for winter, we apply blended slow-release and winterizer fertilizers.

 Our online customer portal and automatic payments take the guesswork out of your fertilization and weed control experience.

This convenience alone drastically improves service for all of our customers.

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